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on-recyclable, and rot and compost the organic such as kit▓chen waste.At The Bulk House, people can bring in co▓ntainers for refills of eco-fri


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endly shampoos and deterg▓ents, or donate and trade things they no longer use. S▓tainless steel straws, bamboo toothbrushes


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and a cotto▓n mesh drying agent can be used to replace▓ single-use items.There are also shopping ba▓g


has been a zero

  • -waster since 2016, inspired by Bea Johnson, "mother of z▓e
  • ro waste lifestyle movement," a French woman living in the
  • United States whose family emb▓raced a sustainable lifes
  • tyle that produced a mason jar of garbage in six years."
  • Every individ▓ual can contribute to saving the world fr

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s made with recycled packaging waste, and beauty products that leave no impact on the environment when washed off and flushed into the waterways.Though Be

crisis and we don't need to

▓a Johnson is a major source of inspiration, many zero-wast▓e ideas have roots in

wear tights and a cape to do so," she
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